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Scorpion Entertainment and Music Theatre of Idaho bring to Nampa another one of their famous mash-up concerts on Friday, May 24 at 7:30pm in the Theater and Sunday, May 26, 2019 at 2:30pm outside in the Garden, both at the Nampa Civic Center.  The concert, titled Rock & Roll Icons, transports the audience through decades of music featuring Brian McCullough as the great music icon Roy Orbison. McCullough is teamed up with opener Mac Fishman who both his reprises role as Frankie Valli and enhances the show with his latest persona – Billy Joel.




Friday, May 24, 2019 in the Theater and

Sunday, May 26, 2019 in the Garden at the

Nampa Civic Center – Nampa, ID

Tickets on sale February 18th!

Purchase tickets at or by calling 208-442-3232

Brian McCullough has been traveling and singing the beautiful and challenging songs of Roy Orbison fulltime since 1995. His tribute artist career began as a hobby during his years of being a writer and radio show host in New England.

A fan videoed McCullough singing at a club one night, and without his knowledge, sent the tape off to a Las Vegas producer. Soon after, he received a telephone call from John Stuart, the originator of the world famous impersonator show “Legends in Concert.”  McCullough’s career changed overnight to one of bringing Roy’s music to the stage in a tribute to the Big “O” that is amazingly natural.

Clients and fans appreciate McCullough’s consistent talent as much today as when he changed from radio personality to onstage star almost twenty years ago. Since his first gig at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, he has enjoyed repeat appearances in casinos throughout the US; extended runs in Nashville, Myrtle Beach, Branson, and resorts in Mexico. He also appeared up and down the Eastern seaboard, toured with Rock & Roll shows on the West coast and across the Sunbelt states.

Brian McCullough has also developed a special show dedicated entirely to Orbison that is a favorite in dinner theaters – two full hours of songs from all of Roy’s eras – the rockabilly 50’s, his heyday in the 60’s, to the 80’s supergroup The Traveling Wilburys.

Tickets start at $18.75 in the Garden and $23.75 in the Theater.

The folks who know, agree – Brian is simply THE BEST…

“I can only say after working with Roy and being in the business as long as I have, and always looking for that different, unique voice…as far as being a producer that when I heard your voice, I heard that very same uniqueness that Roy had…and now that is gone, except for what he left on tapes, CDs and videos. You have that unique sound, and the feel, and the vibrato that he was so very famous for…so carry on, and be yourself, and let Roy’s voice live through you. If I were to put you against the rest I have heard, they’re not even in the running. If I can help in any possible way, please, let me know…I will endorse that great voice of yours to the max!”

Bucky Barrett, Roy’s lead guitar player, in Nashville

“I had to listen to this more than once. Then I went to my files and spent a few hours looking over my pictures and charts and memories of my time with Roy. I hadn’t looked at them in years. Thank you for helping to bring back that part of my life”

Jim Johnson, Roy’s bass player, after receiving his copy of Brian’s CD “Orbisonia”

“This is so cool!..It’s like being back in the 80s!”

“Turbo” Kirby, Roy’s keyboard player, after “The Lost Concert ” show in Nashville

“You know that Orbison song, “You Got It” …well, Brother Brian, you got it!

Gordon Stoker, tenor in the legendary vocal group “The Jordanaires”

Opener Mac Fishman has been Acting/Singing/ Dancing since 1997. He started out young with the Music Theatre of Idaho (MTI). He began teaching Private Voice Lessons, and Audition Prep back in 2009 out of the Music Theatre of Idaho Building in Nampa, Idaho.  He currently works for MTI with his Mother Dr. Jean Andrews. Scorpion Entertainment discovered Fishman as Frankie Valli and placed him in their 2017 show as the opener for Joseph Hall’s Elvis Tribute concert. Fishman’s rendition of Frankie Valli was a hit.



Stuart Rudorfer


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